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Renovated Vic in Roxbury asks $779K

What $450,000 buys in Boston

The sum definitely gets you on the property ladder in the city, with nice spreads readily available in neighborhoods such as Hyde Park, Dorchester, and East Boston.

Dorchester pitch calls for 608 apartments near Red Line

A proposal would have the old Channel 56 site at 75 Morrissey Boulevard host two towers of up to 17 stories.

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Meet the Pinnacle at Central Wharf

The redevelopment of the Boston Harbor Garage would now mean a 600-foot tower with some 200 housing units under new plans.

Good news for prospective Boston-area buyers—really

The housing market continues its turn, despite surges in sales and prices in late 2019.

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Seven-fireplace Brookline spread near Boston wants $4.2M

The 13-room house—technically deeded as a condo—also comes with a section just for wine-tasting and a theater. And the pool table goes in the foyer.

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Secondhand is my first choice

In this edition of Editor’s Notes, interim editor-in-chief Mercedes Kraus discusses estate sales, flea markets, and the art of haggling.

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How the country’s deadliest city for pedestrians plans to save lives with safer streets

In Orlando, ground zero of the pedestrian safety crisis, a mayor’s traffic reform goals are put to the test.

Dot condo carved out of a single-family on sale for $475K

Just what the city needs! It’s one of three units in the property between Codman Square and Lower Mills.

More than 1 in 3 Boston-area renters looking to leave: report

Can you blame them given the region’s high rents? Still, a good share of tenants are looking to stay for whatever reasons.

Stately Tudor in Medford wants nearly $940K

The 100-year-old house in Lawrence Estates a few miles north of Boston includes a massive fireplace.

What $2,500 a month rents in Boston

The sum can command quite a bit of space, depending on where you look in the city. Here are options in Dorchester, Mission Hill, the North End, and elsewhere.

Apartment tower to fill Bay Village parking lot

The 19-story 212 Stuart Street’s 126 units are expected to start at $3,500 a month for studios.

Louisburg Square fixer-upper on sale for $10.5M

The 11-room, nine-fireplace federal townhouse in the tony Beacon Hill enclave could use some work, its listing says.

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10 two-bedrooms for sale off the Red Line

These spreads in Cambridge, Boston, and Quincy each offer a fair amount of space as well as ready proximity to the T’s busiest line.

Newly built South Boston one-bedroom asks $629,000

It’s part of a five-unit development just north.of the Red Line’s Andrew stop—just the sort of transit-oriented development Boston needs more of.

What $750,000 buys in Boston

The sum can command modern appliances and stylish finishes in neighborhoods such as Back Bay, Mission Hill, East Boston, and Bay Village.

How much for a recently renovated East Somerville condo with its own deck?

The spread could accommodate up to four bedrooms. Take a look around and then take a guess re: the price.

Glossy Brookline contemporary on sale for $2.625M

The townhouse is the product of a renovation of a 100-year-old property near the border with Boston.

Boston-area housing now worth $845 billion total: report

Such a figure underscores just how pricey residential real estate has become in recent years. What’s next?

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7 Dorchester two-bedrooms on sale now

Compare and contrast the two-bedroom offerings in Boston’s largest neighborhood, some asking below $500,000.

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We want to hear your homebuying story

Curbed is seeking the stories of first-time homebuyers across the country.

What $3,000 a month rents in Boston

The sum can rent quite a bit farther out in Boston, in neighborhoods such as Hyde Park and Charlestown, but the pickings are smaller closer to downtown.

Is this Beacon Hill one-bedroom a deal?

The floor-through with a private deck is asking under the neighborhood’s median sales price.

Fenway apartments, once supposed to be dorms, win key approval

Other big development news of the week includes disruption at South Station, a tentative opening date for the Globe’s old HQ, and a big listing from UMass-Boston.

Downtown Boston townhouse sales decline as prices rise

The recent sales drop mirrors a trend in the wider Boston housing market. Meanwhile, downtown condos are doing just fine.

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I never thought I’d feel at home in my neighborhood—until we got The Slide

The primary-colored eyesore became a community gathering place.

How to fix anything in your Boston-area neighborhood

From potholes to piled-up garbage to broken lights to busted traffic signals—never despair of civic repairs again.

Renovated West Cambridge duplex wants $2.2M

The spread in the Riverview Condominiums near the Charles is the product of a 2018 makeover.

Downtown Boston condo prices vs. the rest of the city

The end of 2019 was apparently quite a swell time to be a seller in neighborhoods such as Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway, and South Boston.

What $1 million buys in Boston now

A house in Charlestown, a one-bedroom in Back Bay—a million bucks goes in all sorts of directions in Boston at the start of 2020.

A bonafide house in Boston proper for under $600,000

It’s rare to find a decent single-family within the city limits for around that amount. This Dorchester spread checks the box.

Bluebikes could expand into five more cities and towns

The expansion of the Boston region’s dominant bike-share system might roll out as soon as this spring, but there are funding challenges.

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Sound and the city

Urban silence is increasingly endangered—and primarily available to those who can pay for it.

Why the rent control debate is happening now

The Boston region for years has been among the most expensive areas in the U.S. for renters. Would caps on rent increases change that?

Stylish Arlington Vic asks $1.5M

The 12-room, three-story house dates from 1915, but has a more 19th-century look.

Martin Luther King Jr. in the Boston area

Before he was a civil rights pioneer and Nobel laureate, King was but a lowly grad student at Boston University.

More Allston-Brighton development

A Soldiers Field Road apartment building would join a wave of development in the area, including Allston Yards and plans for WBZ-TV’s HQ.

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As California comes to grips with housing crisis, Texas real estate rises in 2020

Housing availability and affordability will help determine these states’ trajectories this year.

Beacon Hill standout drops for $2.9M

Graham Gund oversaw the Flat of the Hill house’s redesign in the early 1980s.

In the Boston-area rental market, early 2020 sure looks like early 2019

New statistics show that apartment rents haven’t budged much in 12 months—and they certainly haven’t dropped significantly.

Back Bay townhouse with six bathrooms and five fireplaces asks $9.1M

It’s the year’s first Boston listing to scratch $10 million, and it’s a doozy. Come for the elevator, stay for the roof deck.