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Should Massachusetts join the Atlantic time zone?

A Connecticut proposal once again raises the question of whether all of New England should just go ahead and make the leap one hour forward.

Newbury Street’s last surface parking lot is for sale

The parcel at Dartmouth Street in Back Bay is expected to fetch tens of millions of dollars because of its location—and because it could host a new development.

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Cambridge’s most expensive listing includes 16 rooms and nine fireplaces

The house near Harvard Square dates from 1888, and it runs to 7,200 square feet. Takers?

Look for new Orange Line cars in the early spring now

Once expected before the end of 2018, the first six of 152 total are now anticipated sometime after the middle of March.

Disparate impact, the latest civil rights tool in Ben Carson’s crosshairs, explained

How the Trump administration plans to weaken housing discrimination regulations.

6 kinds of sites that could host new housing in Boston

The city needs homes and fast—luckily, there are several places where apartment and condo buildings would fit nicely.

Curbed readers: We want to hear from you

We know you have opinions—and now’s your chance to tell us what you think of Curbed! Spill your thoughts in our audience survey.

Modern Marlborough Street townhouse with two roof decks drops for $9M

The renovated Back Bay spread also includes a two-car garage and an elevator to five floors.

How much for a Jamaica Plain two-bedroom near Jackson Square?

The price includes access to laundry and bike storage in the building. What is that price? Take your best guess.

Can Boston tax its way out of its housing crunch?

New legislation would target many deals of at least $2 million as well as real estate flippers.

Sit tight on that Mass. Pike-Soldiers Field Road project in Allston: It’s going to take a while

The recently announced state plan to lower the Pike and raise Soldiers Field is likely to take much of the 2020s—and a lot about it remains uncertain.

New Boston Elevated Railway map from 1925 shows how the system presaged the T

The last elevated train stopped rolling as recently as 2004.

Leather District loft ‘for two guests, or two hundred’ on sale for $1.8M

High ceilings, brick and beam, big windows, lots of space—yup, this South Street spread checks all of the boxes.

Big reveal: A Mission Hill one-bedroom with central AC and laundry

A lot of readers nailed the asking for this spread near Longwood Medical Center. Did you?

MBTA buses to include homage to Rosa Parks

It will come via a decal on either the front left windows or the LED fixtures of buses. A Braintree resident who saw such stickers in Miami pushed for the change.

How a recession could impact the housing market

The fundamentals of the housing market are strong. But is it recession-proof?

Boston city workers and volunteers clean up federal sites amid government shutdown

The Bunker Hill monument in Charlestown and Thomas Park in South Boston are among the targeted spots.

Climate change is taking our cities away

City leaders need to start asking the tough question: How much longer can we live here?

Medford Dutch gambrel with 11-foot ceilings in the basement drops for $888,000

The house dating from 1978 also includes a walled fireplace in an open living room.

Two South End parking spaces on sale for $200,000 total

Don’t laugh—that’s a pretty good deal on Boston parking historically.

6 Boston neighborhoods to look in right now for apartment deals

Each enclave has an average rent below—sometimes well below—the Boston mean as of early January.

How Boston’s Great Molasses Flood of 1919 is still felt a century on

The freakish tragedy that killed 21 and injured dozens more led to major reforms in the nation’s construction standards.

South End fixer-upper asks $4.2M

The Victorian bow-front has six floors, a great location, and two parking spaces, but it needs a lot of work.

Bright lights, small city

Moving to a new city in my 40s was less about making mistakes I could learn from and more about making choices I believed in.

Airbnb says business is booming in Massachusetts just as new regulations loom

The home-sharing site says more than 1.2 million people in 2018 stayed in Massachusetts homes via an Airbnb rental, with most of them staying in the Boston area.

Don’t look in Cambridge, Brookline, and Waltham for deals on apartments right now

A new report shows dramatic increases in Waltham rents since 2017, while Cambridge, Brookline, and Boston proper remain the region’s priciest markets.

Can a legacy e-commerce brand help revive brick-and-mortar retail?

EBay believes its e-commerce boot camp can help boost beleaguered storefronts.

Increase in a fee for ride-hail trips in Boston unlikely to ease congestion

But it will likely provide the city that much more money for road and sidewalk improvements.

Might new legislation clear the way for e-scooters in Massachusetts?

Boston-area cities and towns are already preparing for the battery-powered shares.

What $900,000 buys around Boston right now

Two neighborhoods—the South End and South Boston—appear to dominate the price point.

Boston City Hall turns 50

Love it or hate it—there remains no middle ground regarding the brutalist complex opened in 1969.

Boston’s more expensive student housing touches off equity debate

Critics say the swankier digs defeat one of the prime purposes of a college education. Proponents say they save schools money.

South Boston’s Amrheins under agreement for $18 million

It’s still a guessing game as to what might supplant the famed eatery and its surrounding site.

12 beige paints that aren’t boring at all

The subtle shade—whether it’s called fawn, pale brown, buff, sand, sandy, oatmeal, khaki, ecru—is a soothing and versatile background.

Which T stops could use more housing around them?

New development around mass transit hubs has become a major regional goal.

Big reveal: A Dorchester one-bedroom near the Ashmont T stop

Barely anyone guessed the correct asking price for this 897-square-foot, fifth-floor condo.

Boston’s 10 most affordable market-rate homes right now

The selections—clustered in a handful of neighborhoods—range from $199,000 to $289,000.

The 21 most spectacular theaters in the U.S.

From historic opera houses to a brand-new building in Chicago, these are the 21 most architecturally significant theaters in America.

Massachusetts Governor’s Mansion: A history of why there isn’t one

The last big effort dates from the early 1970s and involved a massive Back Bay property.