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7 Brookline open houses this weekend ranging widely in price and feel

Celebrate the T with the Boston area’s first-ever recreational marijuana store

The Brookline shop opening this weekend is near two Green Line stops—and the company behind it recommends customers take the train rather than drive.

How tech companies want to change the way you buy and sell a home

Algorithm-powered home-flipping platforms have sparked a race to become the one-stop shop for all things real estate.

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What would go on a new Massachusetts state flag?

There is a movement underway to alter the current banner, which some say is woefully disrespectful to Native Americans and needlessly violent.

Big reveal: A newly constructed two-bedroom in East Boston’s Orient Heights

Plenty of Curbed Boston readers nailed this asking price. Did you?

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Uber and Lyft rides to Logan could get more expensive under new proposal

Massport says it’s trying to curb congestion. Its proposal also calls for new pickup spots at the airport.

The best bed sheets to buy right now

With so many different options, the world of bed sheets can be hard to navigate. This handy guide can get you up to speed.

Boston running well ahead of most major cities in dog parks: Report

So there’s that. The city had 1.8 dog parks per 100,000 residents in 2018.

What $600,000 buys around Medford now

Curbed Comparisons is a regular column that explores what one can rent or buy for a set dollar amount in the Boston area. Next up is $600,000 in Medford.

Imposing Brookline brick colonial with beamed ceilings on sale for $1.8M

The spread, near Griggs Park and dating from 1927, has the potential for four bedrooms.

Hyde Park house with stone fireplace and wooded backyard drops for $630,000

The colonial is about as far from downtown Boston as a house can get without falling outside city limits.

The Boston area’s 10 most walkable neighborhoods, explained

Eight neighborhoods in Boston and one apiece in Cambridge and Somerville are especially pedestrian-friendly. Here’s why.

Tobin Bridge work to snarl traffic beginning April 1

Maintenance and repairs on the Charlestown-to-Chelsea span represent the latest bridge project in the Boston area.

Is a new tax on luxury real estate sales the solution to Boston’s housing crunch?

A member of the City Council says a tax of up to 6 percent on deals of at least $2 million could generate oodles of revenue for affordable housing. But ...

Chelsea’s Forbes Park could finally see redevelopment under advancing plan

The proposal includes 500 housing units, plus retail and offices, on a former brownfield site.

Stately Queen Anne revival in Brookline includes 12 rooms, seven fireplaces, and one solarium

The High Street Hill house dating from 1877 and on sale now also has a three-car garage and a carriage house.

Will San Francisco’s housing market be overwhelmed by IPO millionaires?

As Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, and Slack finalize plans to go public, real estate braces for impact

Charlestown’s Hood Park adds space as it nears construction milestone

The mega-project is slated to include more than 1.74 million square feet, including in seven new buildings, and nearly 3 acres of parkland.

Frame Vic near Somerville’s Davis Square drops for $1.35 million

The circa-1910 spread includes three bedrooms and some careful landscaping.

Cambridge brownstone with fenced-in courtyard on sale for nearly $2M

The house just northwest of Harvard Square includes the potential for four bedrooms.

3 major performance venues planned for Boston

Three new theaters are slated to open in different parts of Boston by the end of 2021, with a collective capacity of nearly 11,000. Each will be attached to a big existing site.

How much for a newly constructed two-bedroom in East Boston’s Orient Heights?

The unit includes a balcony and a garaged parking spot. What is it asking? Take a look and then take your best guess.

Silver Line to Kendall and Sullivan squares? That’s the plan

It’s years off, but officials want the Silver—or something like it—to run through Somerville and by the future Encore Boston Harbor casino.

Perfectly preserved midcentury modern house asks $2.5M

This "forgotten" Albert Frey-designed home in Palm Springs features a 600-square-foot overhanging deck and distinctive yellow fiberglass siding.

What is middle class in the Boston area?

In a region where people making well over six figures are grateful for that one-bedroom and where a 90-minute commute is seen as just a price of doing business, what does it mean to be solidly socioeconomically comfortable?

Big reveal: The rent on a newly built two-bedroom in Somerville’s Winter Hill

One-third of Curbed Boston readers nailed this one. Did you?

What $700,000 buys around Cambridge now

Curbed Comparisons is a regular column that explores what one can rent or buy for a set dollar amount in the Boston area. Is one woman’s studio another woman’s townhouse? Let’s find out!

Macro step in Boston-area micromobility: Brookline to test e-scooters

The region already has dockless bikes, conventional bike-shares, and e-bikes, never mind being one of the most walkable urban areas in the U.S. Bring it.

Brighton’s Boston Landing adding performance venue courtesy of the Bowery Presents

The concert promoter is planning 3,500-capacity, general-admission space at the massive mixed-use development on Boston’s western edge.

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10 perfect Boston strolls for warmer weather

Some of these ambles are more leisurely than others, and some will require a serious time commitment. All are worth it.

This would be Boston’s largest permanent supportive-housing complex

Pine Street Inn and a developer want to replace a warehouse and an office building with 225 apartments, including 140 units for people who have been homeless.

Live inside a converted brewery in Jamaica Plain

The loft—on sale now for $469,000—includes oversized windows and exposed cement beams.

The case against lawns

As we surround more houses with grass, we deprive ourselves of natural signposts.

Dock Square Garage addition hits possible roadblock

The Boston Civic Design Commission gave a thumbs-down to the glassy plans in the North End, but that doesn’t mean they’re kaput.

Big changes for three downtown Boston hotels

Taj Boston, the Langham, and the W Boston have had or are having major work done to modernize and rebrand them.

What to know about South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The nation’s most prominent such celebration will be longer than the one last year, when a recent snowfall cut short the route.

West Cambridge colonial comes with its own refinished carriage house

The main property has the potential for six bedrooms, never mind some unusually soaring ceilings. But the total package will cost you.

T fares going up again

The cost of a one-way subway or trolley ride is slated to rise 15 cents in July. Commuter rail rides will also cost more, though bus trips will not.

South Boston two-bedroom adjacent to historic Collins Mansion drops for $1.4 million

The two-bathroom spread includes a private entrance and a private deck.

Why don’t Boston and Cambridge close more streets to vehicles?

The cities are already lowering speed limits to 20 m.p.h. in an effort to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety. There’s an even more effective way to do that, though.

Plans for 800-plus housing units roil Hyde Park’s Readville

Some fear displacement in one of Boston’s more affordable neighborhoods, while others see an epic itch for housing scratched.

Oregon just enacted statewide rent control—and it could be a model for the country

"It’s the most immediate and effective way to stop displacement and gentrification at scale."