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Where to donate home goods in the Boston area

Decluttering a lot more lately? Of course you are. Here are organizations that will take furniture, home goods, clothing, and more off your hands—and when.

How to pick a Boston neighborhood

Transportation, housing costs, schools, parks, property taxes, and more should factor into any decision about where to live in the Boston area.

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Boston traffic and transit post-pandemic: Just imagine

The novel coronavirus has so many people sticking close to home that it has highlighted the potential for real change when it comes to transportation. What’d you think will happen?

Now what for housing prices in the Boston area?

New stats for March show steep drops in the supply of available homes. But that only appeared to help drive prices that much higher, pandemic or not.

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Don’t blame dense cities for the spread of coronavirus

The pandemic has challenged my urbanist beliefs, but buildings aren’t responsible for human problems.

Resources for Boston-area renters amid coronavirus

Where can I go for coronavirus-related housing help? Where can I find affordable housing? Answers to these and other questions here.

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How to fight climate change at home

From rethinking how to do laundry to ditching the plastic trash bag, here are 17 tips to reduce your carbon footprint while socially distancing.

Massachusetts housing inventory tanks amid coronavirus

A new report shows declines in key measures of just how many options buyers have. Meanwhile, sales decline too.

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There is no housing crisis in ‘Animal Crossing’

Between unaffordable rent and a global pandemic, it’s no wonder people are turning to a video-game utopia.

Boston-area renters and coronavirus: What to know

Can I still move May 1? Will I be evicted? What if my rent goes up? Can my rent go up? Answers to these and other questions as the pandemic upends the region’s real estate.

Massachusetts pauses evictions and foreclosures

The coronavirus-related measure essentially puts a pause on any non-emergency actions against tenants and homeowners.

How to make the most of your Boston-area mudroom

Even if you don’t even really have one yet.

Big condo price gains to start 2020 in downtown Boston

But the coronavirus pandemic has upended just about everything housing market-wise, so these figures likely represent a peak for some time to come.

Coronavirus and condo sales: What’s going on in Boston

Some neighborhoods saw spikes in the number of trades during the three months ended March 30 despite the pandemic, while others saw steep drop-offs in activity.

Construction in Boston could slowly ramp up again

Other big development news this week is a drop-off in sales listings, suggesting that the downtown Boston market that new development drove is feeling the pandemic’s effects.

What $650,000 buys in Somerville now

Discover what the sum commands in Ten Hills, Winter Hill, East Somerville, and elsewhere.

Downtown Boston prices reach what’s probably a peak

Yes, there were records galore for condo and townhouse trades during the three months ended March 30—but the signs of change are there due to coronavirus.

Renting vs. buying in the Boston area during coronavirus

It’s not an easy decision in the best of times—now with coronavirus there’s more to consider.

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How to search for a Boston-area apartment

These 12 sites provide prospective tenants with ways to filter one of the most competitive and expensive rental markets in the United States. Each has its pros and cons.

Which Boston places do you still call by their old names?

For some, Boston’s tallest building will always be the Hancock, and the Polish Triangle is still a neighborhood between Dot and Southie.

Dorchester Vic with a basement and a lawn asks $729,000

The Melville Park spread dates from 1880, and includes three floors of living space and a particularly eye-popping kitchen.

How many Bostonians struggled with housing costs for April?

Hard to say. But a new analysis estimates that nearly 1 in 4 tenant and owner households regionally had trouble making the rent or the mortgage, likely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What $2,600 rents around Boston now

Uncover what the sum commands in East Boston, the South End, Jamaica Plain, and elsewhere.

Renovated midcentury modern in Lincoln asks $1.15 million

The rustic redoubt 30 minutes from Boston was redone in 2019 and 2020, and includes four bedrooms

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Check out Boston’s most iconic federal buildings

The style enjoyed its heyday in the city around the turn of the 18th century, with two figures in particular pioneering it locally: Charles Bulfinch and Asher Benjamin.

There’s something striking about this Cambridge price tag

The two-bedroom spread near Fresh Pond has one bathroom and a very cool enclosed deck—but, really, it’s its $690,000 asking that jumps out.

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Why scallions are my quarantine houseplant of choice

Reflecting on a good thing growing in my home, as I enter my fourth week of staying indoors.

Mortgage plan to aid Boston homeowners amid coronavirus

A dozen major lenders have agreed to ease payment timetables for qualified buyers in the city under a plan that Mayor Marty Walsh’s administration brokered.

What $700,000 buys around Boston now

Find out what the sum commands in South Boston, East Boston, the South End, downtown, and elsewhere.

Homesellers pull back in the Boston area

A new report shows a sharp decline in the number of new listings for the metro area since the novel coronavirus pandemic was declared. What might it mean for prices?

What $725,000 buys around Boston now

Discover what the sum commands in Brighton, Back Bay, the South End, Dorchester, and elsewhere.

Boston bookshop will curate your Zoom background

Brattle Book Shop is pitching its decorative services at the newly minted legion of homebound workers.

Sign of things to come? Pending condo sales plunge statewide

But sales of single-families were up during a March that saw the novel coronavirus pandemic declared, according to the latest figures.

Rents throughout the Boston region remain high: report

Just when so many tenants and prospective tenants could use a break, the numbers hold steady into April.

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Steal these home office ideas from Boston-area properties

Never before have so many personal workspaces been cobbled together so fast in the Boston area as in the past three weeks.

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10 great Boston-area hiking options amid coronavirus

These options run from the ruggedly bucolic to the mildly urban. The best part? You can easily keep a safe social distance from other hikers.

Space-savvy Fort Point studio on sale for $625,000

The capacious place highlights just the sorts of homes available in the slender Boston enclave—and it comes with a walk-in California closet and a Murphy bed.

The Boston hotel market continues to reel from coronavirus

The Hotel Buckminster’s shuttering underscores just how much the pandemic has dimmed the once burning-bright prospects of the region’s hospitality industry.

What $1,850 rents around Boston now

Find out what the monthly sum can command in Back Bay, Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, and elsewhere.