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Butt Out! Dorchester Leads Boston in Smoke-Free Housing

Mayor Menino today unveiled an interactive, online registry of Boston apartments where smoking is prohibited. Landlords can add their properties to the registry (found here) and tenants can search for them using the usual criteria: neighborhood, number of bedrooms, etc.

While landlords don't have to pay to list their apartments on the registry, it's voluntary. So it remains to be seen how many will sign up. Heck, a lot of landlords don't even seem to know they can even ban smoking in the first place. They can! "It can be part of the lease, the same as if you have a no-pets policy," said Margaret Reid of the Boston Public Health Commission.

We just searched all the rentals on the registry so far: there are 15, one-third of them in Dorchester.

Boston Launches Smoke-Free Housing Registry []

394 Geneva Ave., Boston, MA