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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Downsizing in Back Bay?

To recap:

· In 2009, Patriots QB Tom Brady and small-town girl Gisele Bundchen put their 310 Beacon Street penthouse on the market for $10.9 million.
· They took it off the market shortly afterward, possibly due to the birth of their son in one of the deep-soaking tubs.
· Last week, news broke that the couple had put it back on the market—for $400,000 less than the previous asking. That still placed it in very rarefied company, not only in Back Bay but in metropolitan Boston.

The Herald's Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa report that Tom and Gisele are house-hunting—or perhaps have even house hunted:

Our spies in the Back Bay say the supermodel mommy and a crew of burly men have been busy moving boxes from the couple’s penthouse pad on Beacon Street to a smaller brownstone a few blocks away.


“There’s been all kinds of activity,” said one spywitness. “Gisele was back and forth between the two places. There was a truckload of boxes that went from Beacon Street to the new place. They seem to be moving a lot of stuff.”

Our man on the scene also reports that Gisele has gone into the new building wearing one outfit and emerged in different clothes and even picked up mail there.

Boxes from trucks? Clothes changing? Mail? Oh my. Stay tuned, Boston.

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310 Beacon Street, Boston, MA