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T Time

Jason Schwartz over at Boston mag tries to put a positive spin on the news that weekend service on the Red Line north of Harvard Square will be suspended from November through March: "[T]he reason the T closes so early and can’t run longer hours is that maintenance workers basically need the whole night to get out there and work on the tracks. It’s not like we have a third set of tracks (like the New York subway system), so it’s the only opportunity for maintenance. It’s no stretch to say that T workers are out there every night holding the century-old system together with duct tape. ... [T]oo often, the T ignored un-glamourous maintenance projects — the type of mundane but important ones that you couldn’t necessarily cut a ribbon on. So yes, this is an un-sexy but crucial project that needs to get done, and there’s really no option but to close the tracks to do it." [Boston]

Harvard Square

Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138