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Time to Vote on Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's Back Bay PH

It's been, oh, about 72 hours since we last checked in with Boston's Most Important Probable House Hunt: that of Patriots QB Tom Brady and small-town girl Gisele Bundchen. Recall that the couple put their Back Bay penthouse back on the market nearly two weeks ago for a price-chopped $10.5 million. Then Gisele was seen about the neighborhood, maybe kind of looking at new homes.

In light of that fresh rumor, we decided it was time to open the debate up to the floor, and let you, Curbed Boston's readers, decide whether Tomsele are crazy or bold or both in the pricing of their soon-to-be-maybe-ex-home. All available photos above and a bit of context re: the price here.

Poll results

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