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Your Average $2.5M Magnificence Off Charles River Square

Square Deals is Curbed Boston's mid-week look at recent home sales, based on their under-a-mile proximity to the Hub's myriad squares. Got a tip on a deal that just closed? Email

Harvard Square
Address: 380 Harvard Street, #6
Price: $800,000
Square Feet: 1,670
This 2-BR, 3-BA condo, in a building dating from 1880, appears to have sold on the meatier end of the curve: the average sales price for similar recently unloaded homes in the area is $739,000, according to Trulia, and the average sales price per square foot in central Cambridge is $486 (this one got $479).

McCormick Square
Address: 303 Maverick Street
Price: $390,000
Square Feet: 2,994
This multifamily building in East Boston seems to have traded at a bargain relative to its size but not to its location. It has 6-BR, 3-BA and was built in 1900; and sold for about $40,000 more than the sales-price average for the area bordering Logan Airport, according to Trulia. Added bonus for beer lovers: the local elementary school is Samuel Adams. Just sayin'.

Boylston Square
Address: 151 Tremont Street, #24R
Price: $655,000
Square Feet: 1,065
This 2-BR, 2-BA condo on the border of Downtown Crossing and Chinatown went for below average: the mean for similar homes in the area is $734,083, according to Trulia. It was also below average in price per square foot: $615 vs. $799.

Charles River Square
Address: 5 Charles River Square
Price: $2,550,000
Square Feet: 3,401
This magnificent Beacon Hill 3-BR, 5-BA (pictured above) traded on the third anniversary of Lehman Brothers' collapse. Recession, what recession? Dating from 1909, the townhouse traded for nearly exactly what townhouses in the area trade for on average, according to Trulia.

Harvard Square

Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138