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The Classed-Up Second Bedroom In The North End's Strada

Some floorplans have the chops to wow at first glance. You know the kind: Back Bay mansions with wings so big they have their own wings; Brookline great rooms that cover one floor. Suppose you don't have that kind of breadth—what then?
You relabel the second bedroom. You call it a "study," like the floorplan for this altogether charming 1,374-square-foot spread in the Strada condo tower in the North End. It's asking $665,000 for its hardwood floors, private health club membership, central air, two full bathrooms and two bedroo—er one bedroom and one study.


We see nothing to be ashamed of, but what'd we know? We're typing this from a bedroom/study (or budy, as we like to call it).

· Listing: 234 Causeway Street, #908