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$13.5M Back Bay Listing 44 Years In The Making

Edwin O'Connor gained fame writing about Boston's priests and politicians, both fictional and real (his1956 novel The Last Hurrah captured better than anything, we think, the passing of the post-war politicking era in our fair city). In 1965, he moved his family from Chestnut Street in Beacon Hill to a gorgeous townhouse on Marlborough Street in Back Bay. The townhouse proved too expensive for the writer, however, and O'Connor sold it amid other financial troubles shortly before his death in 1968.

Indeed, 10 Marlborough Street last traded in 1967, and now it's on the market for $13.5 million, making it easily one of the priciest listings in Greater Boston. That asking, in fact, places it in league with Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen! It may be well worthy of it. The townhouse is a goddamn beaut. Let us list the proof and then show you photos:

· It's got 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms (3 partial) over 4 floors) and 11,118 square feet.
· The bones of the building go back to the year before JFK's grandfather was elected mayor (look it up).
· It has a garaged parking space and a basement for storage.
· It is 33.5 feet wide, an extraordinary width for Boston (for any urban neighborhood anywhere!); and the original brick/limestone facade remains.
· The original detailing, including mahogany doors and columns, remains as well.
· It has an elevator.

Edwin O'Connor may not have been able to swing it, but perhaps you can? The estimated monthly payments for the $13.5 million tag, according to Trulia, would be $79,376. Get.

· Listing: 10 Marlborough Street