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Charlestown Sales Jump As Prices Hold Ever So Steady

It's the start of a new month, and that means that Curbed Boston's Neighborhood Watch is in full effect. Second up today (Back Bay was first), an in-depth look at the recent real estate trends in Charlestown. (All statistics, unless otherwise cited, courtesy of Trulia.)

Average Listing Price
It was $617,378 by the end of October, well below the average for Boston at large ($786,000 or thereabouts). An optimistic seller, though, would say it stayed steady during the month, basically finishing October at the level it started at.

Sales Prices
The median sales price in Charlestown was $426,250 by the end of September, a 4.2 percent drop from July 2010 and below the Boston-wide median of $510,000. The average price per square foot increased, however, during the same period 4.8 percent to $437 (less, needless to say, than the Boston average of $654).

This is the brightest spot of news for Charlestown: Home sales in the 'hood jumped over 52 percent from July 2010 to September 2011, with 90 trading in the month.

Steady as she goes, mates. There are 140 homes on the market in Charlestown, according to Trulia, and, after a slight dip in trades in the winter, things look to be even-keeled month to month. Sometimes the invisible hand is particularly rigid.

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