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Introducing Curbed Boston—The Hub's Real Estate Hub

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Welcome to Curbed Boston! You have discovered the blogging hub of all things Hub—housing, neighborhoods, economic development, just plain development, transportation, the demographic shifts and shenanigans that power our little corner of New England.

Curbed Boston is the newest site in the Curbed Network, and aims to celebrate all of the aforementioned, with pleasurable doses of real estate porn along the way. If Beacon Hill townhouses and South Boston construction sites scratch your itch; if you wonder aloud to friends over the fate of Tom Brady's Back Bay penthouse or the Orange Line stops planned for Somerville; if your last apartment hunt left a bad taste in your mouth and a hole in your checking account—Curbed Boston is for you. Cantabrigian Tom Acitelli takes the helm as Curbed Boston's editor.

Here's a quick user's guide: Tune in early at this website for a summary of the big news you slept through; then tune in throughout the day (add us to your RSS, why not?) for features like PriceSpotter, The Way We Live, Development Du Jour, Floorplan Porn and Square Deals, plus big-time neighborhood and real estate news as it happens. It's that simple. Got a web browser? You've got Curbed Boston.

Finally! Should you be so inclined, dear reader, do ping our tipline with tips, scoops, rumors, rants and suggestions. We want to hear from you. Like now: Tell us what the price should be for this Cambridge condo with marble worthy of Michelangelo.

(And! Also launching today, under the editorship of the redoubtable Aaron Kagan is Eater Boston, for all your restaurant and nightlife news and goings-on.)