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Back Bay Superbroker Tracy Campion's Greatest Hits

On Wednesday, we told you about Mistress of the Universe Tracy Campion, she of the $179 million in Back Bay luxury home sales. A taste of that telling, via a scrumptious profile by Rachel Slade for Boston Magazine:

Tracy Campion digs in her bag for the keys to a pristine, $4.5 million Back Bay townhouse. It’s something she’s done roughly 15 times a day over the past 25 years, which adds up to something like 130,000 frenzied searches. Campion finally spies the set at the bottom of her purse. Juggling brochures, her phone, and a Post-It note scrawled with the home’s security code, she fiddles with the lock on the front door, then deactivates the alarm. She doesn’t have much time. Prospective buyers, a fiftysomething couple relocating from Connecticut, are on their way, so Campion sprints through the 4,000-square-foot home in snakeskin stilettos, flicking on the lights as she goes. Climbing flight after flight of Boston’s finest housing stock does have its benefits: Campion, a Diet Coke chain drinker, has the legs of a Wonderland greyhound.
Even more delicious were Boston's examples of Campion's luxury real estate conquests, almost all of them in Back Bay. Let's wet our beaks, shall we?

Mandarin PH 2E
Campion arranged the sale of this 8,000-square-foot penthouse, with 3,000 more square feet of deck and terrace space, for a record $13.2 million in June.

9 Brimmer Street
This 7-BR, 5-BA townhouse spread over 8,250 square feet sold in June for $4.425 million. (Bonus: It was once owned by South Pole conqueror Admiral Richard Byrd.)

50 Beacon street, Penthouse Unit 5
This 3,075-square-foot 3- BR sold for $3.4 million in September. It overlooks both the Common and commoners.


20 Louisburg Square
This one reeks of senatorial splendor (it's just opposite John Kerry's place, in fact). Campion brokered the $11.5 million trade of this 7,674-square-foot 4-BR, 5-BA in August.

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