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Go Head and Stair: The Choicest Boston Wells Up for Grabs

Friday Finishes is Curbed Boston's celebration of what brokers call "the bones" of homes—the walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, windows, etc., that physically comprise the places we dwell.

Address: 448 Shawmut Avenue, #5
Asking Price: $415,000
Square Footage: 666
This slender beaut runs up the side of a South End 1-BR, 1-BA in a 111-year-old building.

Address: 80 Marlborough Street, #8
Asking Price: $725,000
Square Footage: 1,000
This stairwell between the 1-BR, 1-BA Back Bay condo and a private roof deck interjects itself into the scene like a drunk at a Christmas party. We're O.K. with that.


Address: 1 Concord Square, #5
Asking Price: $1,049,000
Square Footage: 1,556
You almost feel sorry for this one somehow. Nestled within a 4-BR, 2-BA luxury condo in the South End, it looks a tad too utilitarian, like it was added via Ikea. Then you read the listing, which tells of oak flooring throughout, and you reconsider.

Address: 83-85 Brookside Avenue, #G
Asking Price: $599,000
Square Footage: 1,924
Stop. Stop right there. This stark, almost post-modern well connecting this 2-BR, 1.5-BA Jamaica Plain loft looks to have everything: style, utilitarianism, even a shiny buff to bounce natural light off. Bravo!

Address: 26 Worcester Square, #1
Asking Price: $629,000
Square Footage: N/A
Finally, this spindly creation—a sort of Ron Wood of Boston stairs—connects the two living rooms of this 2-BR, 1.5-BA South End duplex. Some wells.