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Well Over Off Worcester; Well Under Off Blackstone

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Square Deals is Curbed Boston's mid-week look at recent home sales, based on their under-a-mile proximity to the Hub's myriad squares. Got a tip on a deal that just closed? Email

Tubman Square
Address: 37 Upton Street, #2
Price: $378,000
Square Feet: 798
This 1-BR, 1-BA Cambridge condo last sold in August 2008 for $560,000, so the owner made a tidy sum on the resale. Indeed, the average sales price per square foot in the area, according to Trulia, is $602. This one went for $724.

Worcester Square
Address: 41 Worcester Street, #3
Price: $975,000
Square Feet: 1,860
By about $50K, this 3-BR, 2-BA South End condo busted right on through the most recent sales average for similar homes in the area, according to Trulia. Price per square foot, it came in dozens of dollars under the average. Still, a near G for what, as far as we can tell, is nothing staggering? Not too shabby.

Blackstone Square
Address: 197 Saint Botolph Street, #5
Price: $467,500
Square Feet: 915
This condo on the South End/Back Bay border went for well under what other similar homes in the area are averaging (about $531K). That includes per-square-foot-wise, where, at $511, it came in more than $200 under the average, according to Trulia. Nevertheless—check out the view (above)! Whatta town!