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The Jamaica Plain Colonial w/ a Bedroom Worth of Closets

There are certain real estate flourishes that are enviable wherever the location. One of those is closets. Pick the city—the people in it dig closet space for their precious, precious stuff. Boston's no different, and this Jamaica Plain listing taps that lust.

Retailing for $599,000, 98 Forbes Street is an adorable creation, complete with central air and a two-car garage (and proximity to the Stony Brook Orange Line stop). But what may really sell it is the closet space, which, by the looks of this floorplan, would cover nearly an entire fifth bedroom when taken altogether. Ready the hangers. Call for the shoe organizers. Find those boxes that have defied storage for so long. There is space now.

· Listing: 98 Forbes Street [Janis Lippman and Ellen Grubert]