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Brookline's Single-Family Families; North End Bingo; And More!

1) The argument was made that young families are all about the Brookline single-family market: "They are content to be anywhere in Brookline, it's really about the schools for them." [Josh Muncey]

2) The call for Mayor Menino to boot Occupy Boston from Dewey Square spread to more Important People. Councilor Matt O'Malley: "Small businesses are hurting from this. It may be time to move them off the Greenway.” Start your watches. [Herald]

3) Gov. Patrick defended Lt. Gov. Tim Murray's talkative relationship with the disgraced ex-chief of the Chelsea Housing Authority, which is now under investigation by the feds. [Globe]

4) Northeastern economist Barry Bluestone offered a remedy for the sluggish housing market: "One way to nudge those with good credit scores to purchase a home now is to have the federal government offer home price insurance. ... That would lower the risk to buyers and perhaps provide the boost to confidence that the housing market sorely needs." [Globe]

5) Theater District nightclubs drew official ire over the ongoing violence at their doorsteps in the wee small hours. Per City Council President Stephen Murphy: “It could be like the wild west down there on any given evening. We can’t allow that. We can’t allow the innocent people who are coming out of a theater or a show to be walking into a danger zone." [Herald]

6) And, finally, news came of a meeting of North End pols and residents on the costs—financial and otherwise—of living in the neighborhood. It even involved bingo! [NorthEndWaterfront via the Hub]

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