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The South Boston Townhouse Crying Out for Hot Cocoa

Tuesday Townhouse is Curbed Boston's weekly look at that most genteel of Hub home life: the townhouse.

With its deep-brown cabinetry and expansive hardwood floor just ripe for thready throw rugs, the kitchen of this 3-BR, 2-BA "townhouse style condo" in an 111-year-old South Boston building just feels like Thanksgiving, right? The rest of the 1,262 square feet unfolds in similarly cozy fashion (and we swear we're not using "cozy" as a euphemism for "small") though it is rough in some places, like the apparent office nook upstairs. Such nicks are perhaps salved by the separate entrance, private yard and full basement. It all retails for $489,000, hot cocoa and cranberry sauce not included.

· Listing: 59 Telegraph Street [RE/MAX]
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