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Brazen Idling in FiDi; Worchester Crackdown; More!

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WORCHESTER—The Worcester Housing Authority are cross-checking cars to make sure that affordable-housing recipients aren't gaming the system: "Authority officials say expensive cars, and even boats, are often clues that residents' income is too high to qualify for public housing. Expensive cars may also indicate an unauthorized person living in an apartment." []

CAMBRIDGE—The 1 percent of the 1 percent (a.k.a. Occupy Harvard) rallied today in solidarity with UC-Davis. Protesters met in front of the Harvard Science Center "to defend the students 'who have been attacked, pepper sprayed, billy clubbed and arrested for exercising free speech on their campuses.'" Meanwhile, the Yard remains closed to those without a Harvard photo ID. [BostInno]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—A limo outside Goldman Sachs' Oliver Street office clearly broke commonwealth laws by idling for more than five minutes. As one concerned Hub dweller typed into Citizens Connect: "Please enforce law by adding an option to citzens connect. The 1% violation?" [Citizens Connect via the Hub]