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The $1.34M Back Bay Spread w/ a Bed in the Living Room

We know this is one that's most easily fixed, but it was still rather jarring to behold. This 1,940-square-foot Back Bay condo promises at least 3 bedrooms—at least. Marring an otherwise cozy spread amid choice 19th-century bones (the home dates from 1888) is a bed, primly made-up, in the living room, in between a fireplace with what looks like wrought-iron grating and a sitting room with what looks like the sorts of chairs where people with strong opinions would sit. You do not want to be waking up late next to them. Otherwise, the $1,349,000 spread listed by Otis & Ahearn looks like it's worth every damn penny. (And there are fewer pennies! The condo was price-chopped $30K in early September.)

· Listing: 308 Commonwealth Avenue, #2C [Otis & Ahearn]