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Black Friday Price-Chops; Affordable-Buyer Drought; More!

1) Black Friday wasn't just for Hub retailers: "According to MLS PIN, there were 30 properties in Boston that had major price reductions this week." [Herald]

2) Speaking of Black Friday, Filene's Basement in Back Bay hosted its final one: “Women were just snatching left and right—and it wasn’t even for correct sizes." [Herald]

3) Apparently, the only thing harder to find in the Hub than a Rex Ryan fan is an affordable-housing buyer: "The affordable-home buyer, already an exclusive category, has become increasingly hard to find. Around the region, homes designated affordable are going without buyers, a situation created by tighter lending conditions and declining prices in the housing market." [Globe]

4) America's oldest black church building, the African Meeting House in Beacon Hill, announced it would reopen after a $9 million restoration: "Long before modern office towers would hold sway, the building could be seen all the way from the city's bustling waterfront..." [Globe]

5) The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage hovered near a record low, but fat lot that did housing sales nationwide: "Rates have been below 5 percent for all but two weeks this year. Yet this year could be the worst for home sales in 14 years." [Associated Press]

6) Occupy Boston received a fresh court date to argue for a longer stay in Dewey Square in Downtown Crossing: "The group will be back in Suffolk Superior Court on Thursday to ask for an injunction. If granted, it would remain in effect while their lawsuit is pending in court." []

7) Crime on the T is up nearly 16 percent annually: "T police brass blame the double-digit rise in crime—1,004 incidents so far this year compared to 868 in the same period last year—on record ridership, a sluggish economy and the high price of precious metals..." [Herald]