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What Should Occupy Harvard Do w/ Its New Metal Dome?

Now that M.I.T. has borrowed a page from Harvard regarding its development in Kendall Square, the university has borrowed from the institute regarding the ongoing encampment of the 1 percent of the 1 percent (a.k.a. Occupy Harvard). Over Thanksgiving, a group of M.I.T. affiliates donated the parts for what has become a metal dome at the center of the encampment in Harvard Yard. According to The Crimson, Occupy Harvard may weatherize the dome as both a practical and symbolic rallying point for their protest going into the most unforgiving days of winter:

The occupiers are currently considering a number of different methods to transform the frame into a shelter, including installing a plastic skin that would waterproof the dome and additional insulation to keep it warm, according to [Harvard research scientist Kavi Bhalla]. Another option includes turning the dome into a green house that would be heated by natural light. This approach would allow the walls of the dome to be transparent while maintaining warmth even in five-degree weather, said Timothy S. McGrath, a student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The dome’s future is largely dependent on who decides to carry the plans forward. “We’re sort of waiting to see who jumps in and gets it started,” Bhalla said.

Any other suggestions for Cambridge's newest housing? Drop them in the comments below.

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