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Columbus Center Fine; Green Line Crackdown; Happy Boston

HUB-WIDE—The T's had it with fare cheats along the trolley: "[T]hrough the month of December, teams of MBTA inspectors will be stationed at 12 Green Line stops to thwart potential nonpaying passengers." [Metro]

BOSTON—Bullshit. "The Hub has been ranked the fifth happiest city in the country. A new poll in Men's Health magazine ranked 100 of America's cities from the happiest to the saddest and Boston came in a pretty cheery number 5." [My Fox]

BACK BAY AND SOUTH END—The hammer came down as expected upon the failed developer of the Columbus Center project. Winn Columbus Center Partnership was ordered "to pay a $1.6 million fine today for illegally giving campaign contributions to politicians in Massachusetts and elsewhere in order to get government support for the project." [Globe]

BOSTON—Forbes has a fab map (above) of the recent migration patterns of Suffolk County residents, based on where they filed their tax returns. Good and bad news? More people left than moved here; higher earners are splitting, while slightly lower earners are arriving; and nobody moved here from Alaska. [Forbes via Boston Daily]