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Go Head And Stair: Boston Steps As Accessories

Friday Finishes is Curbed Boston's commentary on what brokers call "the bones" of homes—the walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, windows, etc., that physically comprise the places we dwell. This week we take a lingering look at homes on the market with stairs that are not merely conveyances, but de facto decorations.

Address: 191 Warren Avenue, #4
Asking Price: $539,000
Square Feet: 786
The Bones: This airy South End loft throws the black metal stairs into the design (they shine against the exposed bricks!), and they come off as some kind of funky po-mo art.

Address: 69 Pinckney Street, #4
Asking Price: $1,185,000
Square Footage: 1,450
The Bones: We can't help but imagine that these steps were once meant to be so much more, this being Beacon Hill and all, home of the grandest townhouses in Boston. Instead, they fit snugly and breezily into the home's comforting modernist interior design.

Address: 52 Bay State Road
Asking Price: $2,599,000
Square Feet: 3,576
The Bones: Done! This cherrywood well in Fenway/Kenmore dating from before World War I has it all: solid infrastructure, seamless integration, enough sparkly pinache to catch eyes but not monopolize them. Damn, we wish we were running up and down them right now! Or jumping from the fourth step up; that would be so us.

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