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In Brighton, Titanic Price Shifts Amid Booming Sales

It's the first week of the month, and that means that Curbed Boston's Neighborhood Watch is in full effect. Eighth up (Back Bay, Charlestown, Beacon Hill, Bay Village, South Boston, the North End and Allston were covered earlier), a deeper look at recent real estate trends in Brighton. (All statistics, unless otherwise cited, courtesy of Trulia.)

Average Listing Price
The average asking for homes on the market in Brighton was up slightly during October, from $312,000 to more than $314,000. This was more than half the average, however, for Boston overall.

Sales Prices
These have been altogether positive. Brighton's median sales price jumped annually in September by 18 percent to $295,250; its average price per square foot hit $1,233, a 285.3 percent increase, one likely due to a couple of huge sales (if you know which ones, let us know:

Another smiley face for the neighborhood: Sales were up annually in September by over 34 percent (though they were down from the month before).

Positive. Brighton has long been one of Boston's more affordable neighborhoods, and the historically low mortgage rates can't be hurting business one bit. Expect steady sales through the winter, with a comparably mild rise in sales prices as well.

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