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The Exclamatory Charlestown Manse With Living Room On Top

Rejoice, Boston floorporn addicts! This curiously awesome Charlestown listing goes into such floor-by-floor specifics we can't hardly believe it. Not only that but it contains more exclamation points (14) than perhaps any other listing for any other residential property in our fair city. A taste:

Circa 1850 Greek Revival Italianate Townhouse! Facade being Completely Restored! Renovated to Perfection! Flawless Floorplan with Front to Back Fireplaced Livingroom & Fireplaced Diningroom! The 5-BR, 5.5-BA mansion also gives you the option of inviting guests up to a fourth-floor living room from the first-floor dining room ("Who wants to get high?," you could say with a wry smile at the end of the evening). It retails for $2,495,000 through Gibson Sotheby's.

· Listing: 7 Adams Street [Gibson Sotheby's]