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The Glacially Slow Buses Of Downtown Crossing, Cambridge

The fabulous aces at Bostonography know how fast or slow your friendly neighborhood bus has been running. They have mapped more than 24 hours of bus location data from last Friday, using 2,058,574 data points in all to show the speed of various lines throughout the Hub.

The red lines indicate speeds less than 10 miles per hour; yellow 10 to 25; and blue a whopping 25 mph-plus.

Per Andy Woodruff at Bostonography:

[T]he very slow spots [are] around major intersections and hubs like Ruggles or Harvard Square. There are also some generally slow areas besides those, such as most of downtown. As you can see, most of the MBTA system would be toast if faced with the classic Speed scenario. The “fast” (and remember this category goes all the way down to 25 mph) lines are mostly confined to the rush hour expressway routes and some suburban roads. I expected to see more red than there is, though. I don’t often ride the bus, but the experiences burned in my mind are things like watching pedestrians cross the Mass Ave bridge more quickly than my #1. Just like Superman outrunning the freight train. Or maybe not.

· An MBTA Bus-iness Day [Bostonography]

Harvard Square

Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138