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The West Roxbury Starter Townhouse, Crib Optional

Tuesday Townhouse is Curbed Boston's weekly look at that most genteel of Hub home life: the townhouse.

This 2-BR, 1-BA in West Roxbury has been on the market less than a month, and might be considered your garden-variety Boston starter townhouse—nothing too crazy luxurious but nothing too pedestrian, neither. Its 865 square feet have renovated, including fresh equipment in the kitchen. The hardwood floors and what looks like original molding seem particularly inviting. You know what? We could see Curbed Boston and Mrs. Curbed Boston curling up in that front den on a brutal winter's eve (the crib upstairs can wait, though). It retails through Prudential Unlimited for $269,000.

· Listing: 409 Belgrade Avenue, #409 [Prudential Unlimited]