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A Ritz-Carlton PH at Sunset; NIMBYism Charges in the South End

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SOUTH END—A spirited debate has erupted over the nixing of the Dunkin' Donuts at 655 Tremont Street. Some say a chain was yanked in the nick of time; others say NIMBYism won the day: "A storefront will remain empty for quite some time, and both construction and lower paying jobs won't be around. I didn't even mention the part of their argument that includes 'think of the children' and tries to connect coffee sales to a potential increase of drugs in a local park. Coffee fiends indeed." [Hub]

CHINATOWN—Andrew McLaughlin shot the above photos of this 2 Avery Street (a.k.a. Ritz-Carlton) penthouse at sunset recently for Gibson Sotheby's. Deep breath. Exhale. Good night.