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$1,200 a Foot Near Dewey; $915K for 1 BR Off Blackstone; More

Square Deals is Curbed Boston's mid-week look at recent notable home sales, based on their under-a-mile proximity to the Hub's myriad squares, plazas and places. Got a tip on a deal that just closed? Email

Blackstone Square
Address: 36 Upton Street, #3
Price: $915,000
Square Footage: 1,916
The Skinny: This 1-BR, 2-BA condo in a South End building from the very tip of the 19th century sold for well over the average sales price for similar homes in the area ($840,667), according to Trulia.

Dewey Square
Address: 500 Atlantic Avenue, #21K
Price: $6,000,000
Square Foot: 4,752
The Skinny: This 4-BR, 5-BA condo in Downtown Crossing trounced the average sales price for similar homes in the area ($3,491,250) and square-footage-wise went for a Manhattan-esque $1,263, according to Trulia.

Oxford Place
Address: 1 Avery Street, #18A
Price: $1,260,000
Square Foot: 1,511
The Skinny: A 2-BR, 3-BA condo in an 11-year-old Chinatown building, it sold for nicely above the average for similar homes that were traded recently ($1,033,500), according to Trulia.

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