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Cambridge Lobby Thefts; Red Line Tagger Arrest; And More!

CAMBRIDGE—The City Council has kicked the decision-making can down the line a week on basement apartments along Mass. Ave.: "Cambridge city councilors will have another week to consider a controversial petition filed by Chestnut Hill Realty that would allow for basement units in existing multifamily buildings. Councilors voted down an amendment that would have required developers to add an equal amount of affordable units if they wanted to include basement dwellings." [Wicked Local]

CAMBRIDGE—Someone(s) is/are stealing packages in lobbies of buildings "all over" the city. [@universalhub]

HUB-WIDE—One of the world's most notorious graffiti taggers has been arraigned in Cambridge District Court and held on $10K bail: "Maxime Christian Bezat, 25, was arrested at Newark Airport on Dec. 3. Although he faces numerous tagging charges in New York, MBTA Transit Police journeyed south to bring him to Boston, which in recent years has become something of the nation's graffiti enforcer." His preferred targets? The Red Line and its Alewife station. [The Hub]