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$4K Fenway Rental Not Trying That Hard

Photos for rental listings will never rival those for sales listings. There's less at stake financially and the turnarounds are so much faster. We get that. But the above photos for a 3-BR, 3-BA in Fenway appear to have been snapped in particularly great haste a couple of weeks ago by a tenant/landlord with little to lose. There are the dirty countertops and swollen kitchen garbage; the piles and piles of clothes and shoes and boots; and what looks to be some sort of dead animal (or the fur thereof) on a fold-out chair in the living room. Next to the dorm fridge. Ah! The listing says "seconds from Northeastern." O.K. We get it now: $4,000 a month to nurse senioritis and whatever else you might catch.

· Listing: Hemenway Fenway Neu [Zillow]