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Downtown Condo Prices Up; Dewey Square Progress; More!

BOSTON—Paul Hellman is meeting real estate agents and things like this keep happening: "Agent #2, within minutes of arriving, says she's obligated to read a disclosure form, as if informing us of our Miranda rights. My wife, meanwhile, is leading the way upstairs. But this agent doesn't budge. She seems glued to the red tiles. I used to like those tiles." []

SOUTH BOSTON—An Allston concern that manufactures bikes by hand has inked a deal for new co-working space in that shimmering star guiding the way to Boston's future, the Innovation District: Last night, Geekhouse was approved for a 10-year lease at 24,000 square foot coworking space in the Innovation District. The new building, a designated manufacturing space located at 12 Channel Street, is over twenty times the size of their current Allston backyard garage where they set up shop for the past four years. [BostInno]

DOWNTOWN—As of Dec. 15, according to Otis & Ahearn, the average sales price for condos in downtown neighborhoods like Beacon Hill and Back Bay was just under $700K; and the median sales price was just under $400K. Other tantalizing facts: Year to date there have been 105 deals at $1,000 a foot or more; and there have been 34 deals for at least $3 million each.

DOWNTOWN CROSSING/FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Shhh! Dewey Square needs its rest now: "Significant remediation work has already occurred. On Saturday, the entire area was re-graded to eliminate ruts and channels. Organic horticulture practices, used on the entire Greenway, are stabilizing the soils. Air spading addressed significant compaction in the soil, 60 cubic yards of organic compost and 50 cubic yards of loam were added. On Sunday, the irrigation system was repaired, including upgraded irrigation heads that use less water. Today, sod is being rolled out. The lawn and applications need some time to rest." []

Dewey Square

Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA