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Occupy Harvard Deal; Late-Night T Substitute; And More!

1) The 1 percent of the 1 percent (a.k.a. Occupy Harvard) prepared to remove its tents from Harvard Yard in the hopes the move will spur the university to reopen the campus to those without Harvard photo IDs. There's one catch: "[The protesters plan to] maintain a continual presence at the geodesic dome erected at its center, even through winter break." The tent removal could happen as soon as today. [Globe]

2) A Globe editorial praised a new venture by a team of Boston U. grads to offer $5 late-night bus rides for revelers. It could be a winner given the T's bedtime: "The T’s early closing - trains in New York and Chicago run all night—is unfortunate but understandable, considering its chronic shortfalls and the costs that running all-night service would involve. But it’s still frustrating, and helps contribute to Boston’s stodgy reputation." [Globe]

3) News broke that Michael McLaughlin, the thoroughly unlikable former Chelsea housing chief, put in only 15 full workdays in the town to earn that $360K salary: "The records show he didn’t go to Chelsea at all on almost half the working days in 2011, spending 47 weekdays in Maine and Florida with his top assistant and close personal friend, Linda Thibodeau. He spent another 21 work days at out-of-state conferences from Phoenix to Miami, usually with Thibodeau." And here we sit, blogging. [Globe]

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