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Boston Housing Gains; Mortgage Lender Bolts Mass.; More!

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BOSTON—Our new pals at Redfin have broken down the latest Case-Shiller housing report for Boston, and, aside from creating the nifty chart above on prices going back a decade, have pulled out nuggets like this: "Boston’s low and high tier both lost ground this month, but the middle tier rose slightly. Month to month, the low tier was down 1.9%, the middle tier rose 0.3%, and the high tier decreased 0.9%." [Redfin]

MASS.-WIDE—One big-time mortgage lender has reacted to the lawsuit that Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley filed yesterday: "Ally Financial Inc.’s GMAC Mortgage unit stopped buying home loans in Massachusetts after the state accused the five biggest providers of conducting illegal foreclosures. ... Coakley sued Ally and four other mortgage lenders yesterday for allegedly trying to seize homes when they didn’t hold the mortgage on the properties." [Globe]

HYDE PARK—There are plans afoot by nonprofit Historic Boston Inc. to return the Vertullo Building at 74–84 Fairmount Avenue to its Second Empire glory (damn you, Battle of Sedan!): "Sometime next year, HBI plans to begin a historic preservation project that will return the structure’s exterior to its original character, based on physical and photographic evidence. They plan to restore the original configuration of the storefront windows and remove cedar shakes to expose the original clapboards underneath." []

BOSTON—Well, we got totally Zucked. After all the hubbub last month (including during a visit to Harvard by founder Mark Zuckerberg) of a Facebook something-something in the Hub, a move that surely would have spawned a small tech army of consumers, tenants and homebuyers, the social media giant announced a move to NYC: "Facebook will open a full engineering office in New York City in order to 'tap into the remarkable technical talent that the region has to offer.'" Forget you. [BostInno]