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Curbed Cup 2nd Round: (4) South End vs. (5) Chinatown/Leather District

'Tis time again to vote in the second round of the Curbed Boston Cup, our (first) annual award for the Hub's neighborhood of the year! Last week's first-round voting saw our 16 seeds whittled to eight, with at least one major upset (No. 15 East Boston edging out No. 2 Back Bay in lightning-round voting). This outing, it's No. 4 South End vs. No. 5 Chinatown/The Leather District. On with it.

The South End has quietly hosted 21 percent of Boston's luxury condo sales so far in 2011, and one-fifth of its total dollar volume in condo sales (that's $335,657,526). Perhaps that's why, when we named it earlier this month one of Boston's Top 5 Starter Neighborhoods for first-time homebuyers, you let fly in our inbox.

Two of Boston's smallest neighborhoods are hosting a couple of its biggest developments in a long while. On Hudson and Kingston streets, the neighboring Leather District and Chinatown should get 585 rentals and condos in the coming year or two (or three), part of a wave of apartment construction sweeping the city's choicer areas.

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