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The Back Bay TH Where Downton Abbey Meets Gossip Girl

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Tuesday Townhouse is Curbed Boston's weekly look at that most genteel of Hub home life: the townhouse.

This 5-BR, 5.5-BA townhouse is caught between two worlds, like Downton Abbey crashed the set of Gossip Girl, or vice versa. It's got the sorts of worldly character traits one would expect from a Back Bay townhouse dating from the Hayes administration—fireplaces, a dedicated library empaneled with dark-wood shelves, bay windows, detailing about those fireplaces. But it's also got a funky feng shui throughout, complete with a flat-screen TV ensconced in the new gray-stone wall and double-ovens in the kitchen should two different tastes show for dinner. Yours for $5,500,000 (which represents a $450K price-chop just after Thanksgiving!).

· Listing: 231 Marlborough Street [Charlesgate Realty]
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Marlborough Street

Marlborough Street, Boston, MA 02116