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Curbed Cup 2nd Round: (3) the North End vs. (6) Jamaica Plain

'Tis time again to vote in the second round of the Curbed Boston Cup, our (first) annual award for the Hub's neighborhood of the year! Last week's first-round voting saw our 16 seeds whittled to eight, with at least one major upset (No. 15 East Boston edging out No. 2 Back Bay in lightning-round voting). This outing, it's No. 3 North End vs. No. 6 Jamaica Plain. Bring it.

The North End has some of the Hub's most beautiful housing (Paul Revere's! The house just a bit younger than Paul Revere's!) and some of its most expensive, too—just last month the fifth priciest condo deal in Boston closed there: $2,020,000 for a condo on Battery Wharf.

Jamaica Plain has a not inconsequential amount of condo development under way right now. The neighborhood also as of October has a Whole Foods (and maybe soon a Walmart).

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