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Curbed Cup 2nd Round: (10) Cambridge vs. (15) East Boston

'Tis time again to vote in the second round of the Curbed Boston Cup, our (first) annual award for the Hub's neighborhood of the year! Last week's first-round voting saw our 16 seeds whittled to eight, with at least one major upset (No. 15 East Boston edging out No. 2 Back Bay in lightning-round voting). Now, East Boston faces off against No. 10 Cambridge. Go. Go hard.

Cambridge will see some major development in the coming year. In Kendall Square, M.I.T. plans to add at least 1.1 million square feet of space, including for dozens of new apartments. Nearby, private developers are already building 1.7 million square feet, 220 apartments included. Now, if the Cantabrigians can just agree on basement apartments and curb cuts...

East Boston has Tom Menino in its corner. The mayor unveiled a blockbuster plan earlier this month to remake the neighborhood's waterfront as one the most desirable destinations in town, with hundreds of new apartments and ferries to shepherd tenants and owners to and from them. We, in fact, crowned East Boston the city's "It" neighborhood and wondered aloud if it was due to become the next Innovation District.

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