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The Three Personalities of Hub Mantels—Punk Is the Last

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Friday Finishes is Curbed Boston's celebration of what brokers call "the bones" of homes—the walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, windows, etc., that physically comprise the places we dwell. This week, a timely look at where stockings would be hung with care were the TV not in the way.

Where: 11 Cross Street
Price: $989,000
The Skinny: The mantels in this Charlestown condo are narrow in width and seem almost like incidental wall flowers. That, or flat-screens are the new family photos.

Where: 249 Marlborough Street, #2
Price: $1,298,000
The Skinny: The living room mantel in this Back Bay duplex is allowed a star turn, while the other two simply keep time.

Where: 15 Holyoke Street, #3
Price: $1,150,300
The Skinny: If the first mantel in our list is a wall flower and the second is a star, the third here is a punk—and proud of it. It dares to supplant a television in an American living room. (The bedroom mantel, not so much.)

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Marlborough Street

Marlborough Street, Boston, MA 02116