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Curbed Cup Final Four! (1) Beacon Hill vs. (4) South End

We're down to the Final Four of the first-ever Curbed Boston Cup competition to decide the year's top Hub neighborhood. Now up: Beacon Hill, the No. 1 seed that has bested Mission Hill and Somerville by wide margins; and No. 4 South End, which has quietly edged past Newton and Chinatown/the Leather District. And... action!

In 2011, Beacon Hill, the toniest of the Hub's tony neighborhoods (but probably not home to anyone actually named Tony), has, like in years past, hosted some of the area's biggest apartment sales, including the fourth-biggest condo deal in November: $2.1 million for a duplex on Phillips Street.

More than one-fifth of Boston's luxury condo sales so far in 2011 have been in the South End. Same for one-fifth of the year's total dollar volume in condo sales (that's $335,657,526, give or take). Perhaps that's why, when we named it earlier this month one of Boston's Top 5 Starter Neighborhoods for first-time homebuyers, you let fly in our inbox.

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