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$1.1M Off Worcester; $2M+ Near City Hall; $1.3M by Avery

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Square Deals is Curbed Boston's mid-week look at recent notable home sales, based on their under-a-mile proximity to the Hub's myriad squares, plazas and places. Got a tip on a deal that just closed? Email

Worcester Square
Address: 1 Worcester Square, #2
Price: $1,100,000
Square Footage: 2,512
The Skinny: This 3-BR, 3.5-BA South End new-construction triplex billed itself as "only $475" a square foot, and it went for roughly $38 under that.

Avery Place
Address: 1 Avery Street
Price: $1,380,000
Square Footage: 1,504
The Skinny: The 2-BR, 2.5-BA in Chinatown's Ritz Towers comes with the hotel chain's amenities.

Cedar Square
Address: 111 Clifton Street
Price: $550,000
Square Footage: 1,759
The Skinny: This is a not-un-spacious single-family dating from 1886 and near the Alewife T stop in North Cambridge.

City Hall Square
Address: 45 Province Street, #2801
Price: $2,019,830
Square Footage: 1,507
The Skinny: A 2-BR, 2-BA in Downtown Crossing in one of those more recent condo buildings that might as well be a gated community with all the in-house accoutrements, including fireside library lounge and private dining room.

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