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North End Wharf Awaits Its Dock; Mass. Foreclosure Spike

NORTH END—The Boston Conservation Commission wants the commonwealth to finally move forward on building that usable dock at Atlantic Wharf on Fort Point Channel. The thing was supposed to be part of the Big Dig: "The BCC questioned the whereabouts of the allocated funding for the project. The Commission intends to write a letter to the MassDOT Secretary regarding the unacceptable delay." [ via The Hub]

MASS.-WIDE—Zoom! "The number of completed foreclosures in the state rose by 70 percent over November 2010. In total, 714 foreclosure deeds were recorded last month in the Bay State. In the same month, last year, just 418 deeds were recorded. November 2011 was the fifth consecutive month in which foreclosure deeds were above 1,000." [Biz Journal]