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Curbed Cup Finals! (4) South End vs. (10) Cambridge

Time to decide the Hub's Neighborhood of the Year! In one corner, you have the South End, which has bested Newton, Chinatown/Leather District, and No. 1 seed Beacon Hill. In the other corner, you have Cambridge, which has pulped Brookline, Cinderella story East Boston and, just this morning in a special lightning round, the North End. Polls will be open all day today and into tomorrow morning. Winner gets the beloved Curbed Boston Cup. On with it.

More than one-fifth of Boston's luxury condo sales so far in 2011 have been in the South End. Same for one-fifth of the year's total dollar volume in condo sales (that's $335,657,526, give or take). Perhaps that's why, when we named it earlier this month one of Boston's Top 5 Starter Neighborhoods for first-time homebuyers, you let fly in our inbox.

Cambridge will see some major development in the coming year. In Kendall Square, M.I.T. plans to add at least 1.1 million square feet of space, including for dozens of new apartments. Nearby, private developers are already building 1.7 million square feet, 220 apartments included. Now, if the Cantabrigians can just agree on basement apartments and curb cuts...

Poll results

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