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What You Read This Year About Hub Real Estate

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You can tell a lot about a person by what she or he reads. So we can tell a lot about you based on the top 10 most read stories at Curbed Boston this year. What can we tell? That you care deeply about South Boston and Somerville development. And Tom Brady. Pretty much in equal measure. Thanks for reading (and for following us on Twitter and Facebook), and we'll see you next year (which is to say, we will not be posting after 1 today until bright and surly Tuesday morning).

10) Boston's Secret Streets: Oh, the Places You Never Go!
"What are the other places, courts, ways, etc. that wend about our ancient town's warrens?"

9) Rent Check! Boston Apartment Construction Booming
"Wowza! It seems the only job around here busier than Red Sox scout is apartment-building developer."

8) Will Tom Brady's L.A. Plans Spur Back Bay PH Sale?
"Now comes word that Tomsele's L.A. mansion is almost done. Will that prompt further photos of the Back Bay penthouse to lure prospective buyers, maybe even some honest-to-Uncle-God interior shots?"
7) Boston's Top 5 Starter Neighborhoods
"If someone was going to buy for the first time in Boston, where would he, she, they most likely buy?"

6) Back Bay's Ames-Webster Mansion Now $5M Off
"Shows that if you wait, you can really nab a deal."


5) Boston's Tallest Condo Tower O.K.'d Despite 'Occupy'
"The city last night approved what should become Boston's tallest residential tower: a 47-story addition to Copley Place in Back Bay with 318 condos above a Neiman Marcus-dominated retail base that will be expanded by 115,000 square feet."

4) Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Price-Chop Back Bay Manse
"Brady and Bundchen now want $10.5 million for their 3 bedrooms; 3.5 bathrooms; 'grand living area' on the top floor with two gas fireplaces and media room; landscaped roof deck; copper-clad solarium with two skylights; outdoor kitchen; steam shower; and, as an added bonus, the deep-soaking tub where Bundchen birthed the couple's son Benjamin two years ago."
3) 319 A Street: the South Boston Waterfront's Big Greenlight
"At 20 stories over 257,000 square feet, it will be the tallest building in Southie's Fort Point Channel area."

2) South Boston to Get Hundreds of Manhattan Apartments
"And the lifestyle that supposedly comes with them. A key ingredient of Mayor Menino's recipe for changing the South Boston waterfront forever has started to take shape—in tiny, tiny form."

1) Somerville's 'Best Brand-New Neighborhood' In Eastern U.S.
"Basically, if everything goes according to plan, a mini-city will erupt where a Ford Motor factory once stood before it closed in 1958."

Ames-Webster Mansion

306 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA 02116