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Help Us Pick the Hub's Best Neighborhood of 2011

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It's that time of year—actually, the first time ever—to choose the best neighborhood in the Great Boston area (for our purposes here, "neighborhood" can also mean a town like Brookline or a city like Cambridge; consult the "News by Neighborhood" list at right for possible nominees). And that's what we need: nominees to fill our 16-seed bracket, with a series of votes set to whittle the number down to one. That neighborhood will then be awarded our Curbed Boston Cup!

Think a certain neighborhood should make the big dance? Tell us why: the best arguments will be used to help sway fellow Curbed Boston Cup voters once the contest kicks off. You can state your case in the comments on this post, or e-mail us your nominations.

What makes a neighborhood Curbed Boston Cup-worthy? It's a nabe that saw the most happen in the realms of development, streetscape changes, new restaurants and retail, and the ineffable but real sense of where the action was in the Hub in the past 12 months.

[City Planning Board map from 1926 via Flickr]