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Menino On Kraft's 'Meat,' Occupy Boston, Suffolk Downs Casino

We can't seem to get enough of Hizzoner today. First it was divining the motives for his administration's big redevelopment plan in East Boston; then it was parsing the oratory arrayed behind it. Now it's simply chronicling Mayor Menino's remarks on legalized gambling and Occupy Boston, given after the plan's big announcement at today's Chamber of Commerce breakfast at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel.

On the competition between casino plans for Suffolk Downs in East Boston (which he supports) and for Foxboro (a plan backed by Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Vegas kingpin Steve Wynn:

It’s not Bob Kraft making the decision. It’s a five-member panel commission making the decision. ... There’s a lot of hoo-ha, but I just say put the meat to the bones. I haven’t seen any meat to the bones yet. I’ve seen a lot of conversation, a lot of media events. __

On Occupy Boston's claim to the prime Financial District/Downtown Crossing real estate that is Dewey Square (note: he "groaned" when asked about the protest):

You know, mayors can’t do much about what they’re talking about. It’s the Congress and the U.S. Senate that can make the differences, but no one’s talking to them at all. They come at mayors, buy mayors can’t make those decisions. It’s down at Congress. Mayors can’t make decisions on banks, regulations. Mayors can’t make decisions on scholarships. Mayors can’t make decisions on housing. It’s all down in Washington. They’re aiming their fire at the wrong place. __

On a sixth term:

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Dewey Square

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