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The North End's Second Oldest Home—After Paul Revere's

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In a superannuated city brimming with history, it's hard out there to find some seriously unique real estate pedigree. So when this Charlesgate Realty listing for 5 Tileston Place crossed our transom, we went a tad gaga. A tipster says this 1,940-square-foot 3-BR, 2.5-BA is rumored to be the North End's second-oldest home—behind only Paul Revere's c. 1680 place, a few blocks over on North Square. Luckily for any would-be buyer, the Tileston address, unlike Revere's, is not immobilized in 18th-century amber. It was completely renovated in 2000, and even has a deeded parking spot in a gated lot (plus, ironically enough, a wall it shares with the Paul Revere Mall). Yours for $975,000.

· Listing: 5 Tileston Place [Charlesgate Realty]