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Bell Tolls for Occupy Boston; T Riders Union on Fare Hike

FINANCIAL DISTRICT/DOWNTOWN CROSSING—It might be curtains for Dewey Square's tent city: A judge has lifted the restraining order barring the city from evicting Occupy Boston from its 2-month-plus encampment. The protesters "have no privilege under the First Amendment to seize and hold the land on which they sit." The Menino administration says it will "take action in Dewey Sq if and when it is necessary. No plans at this point." [CBS Local; Twitter]

HUB-WIDE—The T Riders Union pleaded with the MBTA not to hike fares or reduce service: “'We’re not just talking about the issue of a fare increase. We are talking about much more. We are talking about people’s livelihood,' said Gwendolyn Vincent, a member of the union, which represents riders of the MBTA’s subway and commuter rail network. 'We’re talking about the elderly can’t afford it. We’re talking about students can’t afford it.'" [Chronicle]

Dewey Square

Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA