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Theo Epstein's House; Brookline Coyotes; Occupy's Move

CHICAGO—Megan Johnson at The Herald scooped the above shots of ex-Sox GM Theo Epstein's new house in the tony Lakeview neighborhood of the Windy City. The one-time mastermind behind two World Series, who saw his star swamped in September by a sea of dug-out brewskis, paid $3.25 million. [Herald]

BROOKLINE—The Brookline Tab took a forceful institutional stand against vigilantism in the service of protecting residents of the town's Corey Hill neighborhood against coyotes: "According to the Massachusetts Audubon Society, there have been four coyote attacks on humans in the state since the first confirmed sighting of one in the 1950s. ... That’s not to say that coyote attacks are impossible, but they are rare enough that it’s probably worth working with the state before incurring fines for killing or moving animals that probably just want to be left alone." [Wicked Local]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT/DOWNTOWN CROSSING—Today's moving day in Dewey Square. Numerous reports have Occupy Boston hustling to get out before a midnight exit deadline imposed by Mayor Menino. Some are being particularly good citizens about it: "No matter whether Occupy Boston clears out this evening, when they’re gone, there will be cleanup to do in the section of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway that protesters have occupied since September. That’s not a point that’s lost on them. About $3,000 has been raised through a WePay site started by protesters in October to re-sod the grass." []

Dewey Square

Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA