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Marble-lous! The Hardest Hub Listings

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Friday Finishes is Curbed Boston's celebration of what brokers call "the bones" of homes—the walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, windows, etc., that physically comprise the places we dwell. This week, a tribute to marble. (All photos and info courtesy of Trulia, unless otherwise specified.)

Where: 20 Rowes Wharf, #PH7
Price: $2,399,000
The Skinny: Aside from the marble everything—the floors, bath, shower, bidet!—the best part of this 2-BR, 2-BA Downtown Crossing condo is the $100K price-chop from September.

Where: 249 Marlborough Street, #2
Price: $1,298,000
The Skinny: This 2-BR, 2-BA condo in Back Bay welcomes you with a marble foyer and there's more in the bathrooms and the living room. But there was also a $126K price-chop in September, which you might be even more bowled over by.


Where: 1514 Beacon Street, #PH51
Price: $899,000
The Skinny: The 2 bathrooms in this 2-BR Brookline condo at the top of the Stoneholm are basically all marble. The marble fireplaces are a bonus.

Where: 39 Commercial Wharf East, #8
Price: $1,975,000
The Skinny: We close with another price-chop, this one by $225,000 just last month. Still, this 2-BR, 2-BA condo in the North End brings marble-lous baths and skylights to the party as well as a fireplace of the same. Deal?