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25 Channel's 20FT Ceilings; Pier 7's First Time; Priciest's Peer

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Million Dollar Babies is Curbed Boston's periodic look at the newest Hub listings of at least $1 million.

Where: 25 Channel Center Street, #PH102
Price: $1,699,000
Square Footage: 2,220
The Skinny: This 3-BR, 3-BA South Boston condo is either from the future or from the set of some Boston-based sequel of American Psycho. It's all smooth white surfaces and epic glass, with spectacular views and an airy environment ripe for a persnickety owner with a jones for entertaining. Bonus: 2 parking spaces and 20-foot ceilings.
· Listing: Lynne Zekis

Where: 4 Battery Wharf, #4602
Price: $1,195,000
Square Footage: 1,486
The Skinny: One of its North End neighbors was the fifth priciest condo sale in all of Boston last month. This particular spread, with 1 bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms, is a little bit smaller and asking nearly half what its neighbor cleared. Still, its in a bells-and-whistles building, with Fairmont Hotel services (Guy Martin, everybody!).
· Listing: Otis & Ahearn


Where: 38 Pier 7
Price: $1,550,000
Square Footage: 2,358
The Skinny: This condo was built and last bought when Kevin White was mayor and Barack Obama was in college. The 3-BR, 2-BA sits in Charlestown's Navy Yard on Pier 7, and, naturally enough, there's a private waterfront deck that spans 75 feet. Bonus: 2 parking spaces; parking for boat not clear.
· Listing: Kimball Borgo Real Estate

Where: 205 Commonwealth Avenue, #4
Price: $1,495,000
Square Footage: 1,701
The Skinny: If this 3-BR, 2-BA condo on the sunny side of Commonwealth Avenue in Back Bay doesn't suit your fancy as a buy, there is, according to the listing, a rental package as well. Let your tenants enjoy the renovated kitchen and master bath, the built-in bookshelves and the attic storage.
· Listing: New England Moves

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